Friday, November 11, 2011

November Issue of LargeInCharge Magazine

The November Edition of LargeInCharge is now released.
Feature: A Victory for Erica Watson and all Large People!
Cover Model of the Month: Kamane' Malvo Marchall
Raqui-ism Column: STOLEN IMAGES - The trend that can victimize us all! Read about how The London Paper stole Raqui and LA Size Celebration Rapper Ja Dox's picture and super imposed it for their use Illegally. Along with other cases in which Raqui's Picture was used.
HOT NEW Columns with our writers Rosemary MsSuga Austin, Gabriela Falarz, Pat Llewellyn, Sonya Bennett/ Angie Bee, Peggy Howell of the NAAFA Org. our Webgirl Lucia M Roth and Xander the Food Dude.

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