Monday, March 4, 2013

LargeInCharge Issue#108 March 2013

LargeInCharge Cover Model for March 2013 - Congratulations April Jones Motivational Speaker. We are happy to have you for our Cover Model. 
Check out Our Columnists This Month:
Jay Hansen and his new Column "The Skinny on Big Love"  A slim man loving his Large Ladies and how they live in this world.
Raqui's Charity Pick of the Month Giving Children much needed Facial surgeries for over 30 years!  Read more in Raqui-ism.
 Lucia Roth gives us a wonderful Irish Stew Recipe for St. Patties Day.
Amy Lucas helps us get Pretty in Peplum in her Fashion Column Curvy Styles.
Jness discovers interesting Plus Sized Art in a unexpected place in his column The Observer.
Rosemary MsSuga Austin answers the old question WHY ME! Sometimes Life just happens!
Check out The BIG
Peggy Howell of NAAFA - Brings to ALERT those who now raise to the ranks of SHAME POLICE two new additions to those who bash Large People Publicly. Check out Desk of NAAFA.
Kathy tells us the difficulty of The Dating Single Mom in Dating Survival for Today's Woman.
Angie Bee takes us on another adventure in her life After Gastric Bypass.  She will be joining THIS FRIDAY on LargeInCharge Radio ( )for a special GASTRIC BYPASS worked for me Show!
Last but not Least our FEATURE is BULLY the Film that brings to light the Tragic reality of Bullying in the USA!
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