Thursday, April 4, 2013

LargeInCharge Issue # 109 April 2013

LargeInCharge Cover Model for April 2013 - Congratulations Neema Styles. We are happy to have you for our Cover Model. 
Check out Our Columnists This Month:

David Edmondson and his new Column "Thinking Big" a man talks about being averaged size for a majority of his life.  Now he had grown quite in size and sees how different he is treated.  Now with a beautiful Plus Sized Wife by his side he continues to live life Thinking Big
Raqui's Charity Pick of the Month  The UmoJa Woman's Village in Kenya Saving there Women and Children from lives filled with abuse and poverty.  This month our donation was able to send 2 women to the medical clinic for treatment.
 Lucia Roth shows us how easy it is to make your own fresh Chocolate Covered Strawberries.
Amy Lucas drives us Crazy for Mint in her Fashion Column Curvy Styles.
Jness talks about Forbiden Curves and Art Work in his column The Observer.
Rosemary MsSuga Austin discusses taking control of our lives "You sure cant drive a car by looking in the rearview mirror."  You have to keep your eye on your life road/path, Check out The BIG
Peggy Howell of NAAFA - Announces this years NAAFA convention is hitting VEGAS!
Kathy opens our eyes to the Secret Girlfriend Rules.
Angie Bee takes us on another adventure in her life After Gastric Bypass. 
Jay Hansen talks about The Dining Experience and how he caters to his Plus Sized Lady
Last but not Least our FEATURE is Worsts Diets Ever!  Fad diets DONT WORK! Here is a top 10 list!
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