Thursday, June 6, 2013

Being Alone vs. Being Lonely - Whats the Difference? on LargeInCharge Radio Friday June 6th 2013

Most people think being alone and being lonely are one and the same. Some think that is is impossible to live alone, not be in a relationship and be happy. Even more people do anything and everything not to be alone because they are scared of loneliness.

Yet over and over again it is show that you can be in a room full of people and feel utterly alone. You can be in a room or life a lifestyle that is not over abundant with associations yet not feel lonely at all.

So what causes Loneliness? Lets talk about and share the real issues and how you can be happy with yourself and make better choices with your associations and relationships.

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Monday, June 3, 2013

LargeInCharge Magazine Issue #111 June 2013 -

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Our Cover Model Jaritza Mejia is a New York Native. This Dominican Beauty Show her stuff!
Our Feature is Johnathan and Charlotte - This Opera Duo Shocked Britain's Got Talent Last Year, What started out as rolled eyes and side glances because of Johnathan's appearance (being a fat and frumpy dressed young man) Turned to applause and being compared to one of the most acclaimed opera voices of all time. Perfect, perfect, perfect is all that can be said now when people speak of Johnathan. Lets find out what they are doing now. 

This month's Charity is The American Red Cross - Help the Oklahoma victims by donating, find out more in Raqui-ism.

Angie Bee shares her story of pure enjoyment and realization of control in The Big GB.

Darliene Howell writes on behalf of NAAFA in this months article on Ending Bullying. Check our our column from NAAFA.

Red Beans and Rice New Orleans style, oh so good tasty and Delicious Lucia Roth shares this recipe in Foodie in You Column.

Rosemary MsSuga Austin article this month speaks about lose, love, hurt and learning to appreciate others and life in The B.I.G Beautiful Intelligent Girl!

Why do Women Fight Over Men? Kathy M Edmondson writes about something a lot of women do but many do not understand, Why fight over a man who is playing you both?

Jness Art shares his amazing Batman work of art featuring a Plus Sized Bat-Girl! Check out his Column The Observer.

Looking for a Swimsuit to show off them Fatty Curves this summer? Amy Lucas shares 32 sexy Swimsuits for all different Plus Sized Bodies in Curvy Styles.

Jay Hansen learns some new lessons about caring for his beautiful partner and shares them in The Skinny On Big Love.

David Edmondson III is just trying to Fit In when it comes to working out at the Gym. What sets this big man off to make him get up and leave? Check out Thinking Big!

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