Thursday, May 23, 2013

LargeInCharge Issue #110 May 2013

Come on over and Check out our Cover Model of the Month Ms Utah Plus America Brooke Bradshaw! 

Our Feature of the Month is Abby Lee Miller, Plus Sized Diva and World Renowned Dance Teacher! 

Learn about Raqui's Charity Pick of the month St. Jude's Children's Hospital.  
Angie Bee's sister Sonya Bennett takes over for the month and shares her post GB surgery life 5 years and a baby after in this interesting update. 
 Peggy Howell of NAAFA tells us the trust about CVS Drug Store Wellness Program - Are they discriminating agaisnt people of size?  
Lucia Roth Serves us up a Tasty Shrimp and Risotto dinner and the wine to drink with in Foodie in You.  
Rosemary MsSuga Austin lets us know it is ok if we need to cry sometimes, release is good It's Alright! 
 Kathy M Edmondson Gives us a true look on if Online Dating works, what should you be prepared for? 
YES ITS SUMMER wanna show off that sexy plus sized body try anyone of these 25 Summer Dresses Let Amy Lucas be your guide check out Curvy Styles. 
Taking care of my Plus Sized Woman and taking a interest in her health is a story told in The Skinny on Big Love by Jay Hansen  
David Edmondson III gives us a Man's view in the view of a BHM, What to Tolerate from the world and when do you say this is INTOLERABLE! His Column Thinking Big is a refreshing view! 

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