Thursday, July 4, 2013

LargeInCharge Magazine Issue #112 July 2013 -

LargeInCharge is Released for July - It was pure coincidence that our Cover Model's name is JULIE! Yes Julie Davis is our cover model for July and she is a Mississippi beauty.

Feature - 10 Controversial Fat Shaming Ads and Signs - Taken from

Raqui's Charity Pick of the Month - Team Gleason - they fight to help those with ALS live out the rest of there lives with dignity and respect. Check out how Steve Gleason (former Football player) was disrespected by 3 Radio DJ's

Angie Bee - gives us a new update of all the things in her life that has changed since The Big GB

NAAFA - New Important information from the Desk of NAAFA everyone should check out

Foodie in You - Lucia Roth brings us a fresh recipe for July Peach grilled BBQ wings WOW YUM!

Rosemary MsSuga Austin - discusses the thinking process in her life! Lets keep it positive! The B.I.G.

Dating Survival for Today's Woman - Kathy M Edmondson talks about the reality of break ups. Sometimes your EX is friends with your BEST FRIENDS! How hard is that?

Jness Art - brings a new piece of artwork called CONFIDENCE, in The Observer.

Amy Lucas gives us 31 Versatile fashion items that any woman could add to her wardrobe in Curvy Styles.

In The Skinny on Big Love Jay Hansen speaks about preparing to road trip cross country wish his Beautiful Big Love!

  Stereotypeswe all hate them, David Edmondson III talks about being on the other end of the Fat Stereotypes and how he deals with the New Big Handsome Him.
— with Julie Michelle Davis.

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