Monday, August 5, 2013

LargeInCharge Magazine Issue #113 August 2013 - is Released for August (check out the Magazine Section) - We have a beautiful new Cover Model, Florida's own Chica Plush! What a Lovely lady

Our Feature - This month we check out Xu Hongfei the creator of Chubby Women, amazing sculptures of Large figures that have been an amazing hit in Australia!

Raqui's Charity Pick of the Month - End 7 - Did you know there are 7 diseases that plague millions of people across the world? 7 diseases that will only cost 50 cents per person a year to treat? Learn more about End 7 and how they are trying to wipe out these diseases by 2020!

Angie Bee - IS GETTING MARRIED! read while she shares the changes she has made in her life, taking control and being LargeInCharge every step of the way, and now she has a partner by her side!

NAAFA - FAT IS A DISEASE? That is what they now decided. In this months article NAAFA brings to light what this means for us as plus sized people.

Foodie in You - Lucia Roth shares her picnic time ideas for a tasty outdoor good time!

Rosemary MsSuga Austin - Writes about the realization of "I is what I is!" Loving the unique you and not letting anyone steal the joy you have in being you!

Dating Survival for Today's Woman - Kathy M Edmondson talks about a touchy subject. When a woman makes more Money than a Man! How does that effect you both?

Jness Art - brings a new piece of artwork called CONFIDENCE, in The Observer.

Amy Lucas gives showcases BBW Bridal Gowns and Accessories. Some of the month beautiful and affordable options for our Plus Sized Ladies!

In The Skinny on Big Love Jay Hansen speaks from a male point of view about Men's behavior in the Plus Sized community and how the men who love there women dont appreciate it. Jay says GROW UP!

In Thinking Big David Edmondson III discusses Criticism from Within. Not every Plus Sized person is the same and we all live a different life. Some may choose to loose while other dont, the Criticism from our fellow plus sized people can often be most harmful if we take it to heart.

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